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Welcome to CAVE 

At CAVE, we prepare people to efficiently use their past knowledge to make choices at present that lead to a sustainable future.


Under the same rationale, the groundbreaking CAVE Approach was created in 2014; the Ethical Theory developed by Aristotle 2400 years ago was used to the creation of a modern approach, the CAVE Approach, to address critical issues in performance management and sustainability.


Today, we offer a comprehensive framework for sustainable performance management, and sustainable  leadership that can lead individuals and organisations towards a sustainable future.


At CAVE, the Aristotelian ethical theory is combined with modern learning and development methods and  management practices to offer a unique system of sustainable leadership development.  


Join us to see how world's intangible cultural inheritance uniquely meets our present needs into a systemic anthropocentric approach for a sustainable future.  


Our Story

CAVE Sustainable Leadership was founded by Anastasia Moira, a survivor of white collar crime who turned her trauma into a mission to empower individuals to become sustainable leaders who can drive positive change in the world. She designed the  CAVE Approach to help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to lead with meaningful purpose and positive impact, focusing on the potential you have to be a sustainable leader regardless of the adversities and the restrictions imposed on you. In CAVE we believe that sustainable leadership and virtues are undivided, and we're committed to helping you become a sustainable leader who makes a difference in your life and the life of other people. Click here to learn more about our mission and values.


Our Advantage

Common approaches to sustainable leadership are grounded in a set of core values. We believe in the same core values you probably believe in too e.g. respect, responsibility, integrity, fairness, compassion, courage etc. Yet, values are just ideas, and as such they do not bring any change unless they are applied in practice. What makes us sustainable leaders is not the core values we believe in, but our capability to apply them in practice by embedding them in everything we are and do, and this capability exclusively relies on our Virtues. Our approach is designed to help you understand how the Classical Aristotelian Virtues of Ethics (CAVE) promote sustainability, and to offer you the framework for their development as needed in order to lead sustainably. Click here to learn more about our CAVE Approach to sustainable leadership.

V for Virtues

Our Vision, Purpose & Values

We envision a world united under a common sustainable culture, which cannot be other than a virtuous culture. Yet, this vision is larger than us.


We have a purpose instead, which guides our choices; to empower individuals and organisations to become virtuous leaders of sustainable change. It is through our clients and partners that a sustainable culture will be cultivated in every context. Our rallying cry is "V for Virtues" because through the virtues we will pave the path for a sustainable future for current and future generations. Together, we can!


In sustainable practices, the means identify with and certainly do not antagonise the purpose. Likewise, our purpose identifies with the means we use to achieve it, and we are committed to walk the talk as defined in our Code of Conduct, every step of the way!


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