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Sustainable Leadership Program

Our program is designed to offer participants a transformative learning framework for developing the capability to drive and implement sustainable leadership. You will be introduced to our unique CAVE Approach which offers the criteria for sustainable functioning and the framework for developing the ‘sustainable skills’ or the 14 virtues. Virtue development will equip you with the ability to identify and expand opportunities for sustainable action in any situation. 

Join us and take the first step towards becoming a sustainable leader.​ 

Program Highlights

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Our program uses a blended methodology ​provide you with the appropriate knowledge and tools for your ongoing development as a sustainable leader. Through our interactive sessions you will develop the systems thinking, and you will discover the fundamental criteria required for sustainable leadership. The CAVE Report embedded in our program will offer you personalized, self-paced learning and the opportunity for lifelong development.


Ask for a CAVE Report Sample to gain understanding of its role and value as a learning and development tool. 

Introduction to Sustainable Leadership


This part of the program is designed for individuals who are new to sustainable leadership. You will learn about the basics of sustainable leadership and its vital role in sustainable development. We will cover topics such as development, sustainability, leadership, systemic functioning, social responsibility, and inclusion.





If you are already familiar with the basics of sustainable leadership and are looking to develop the 'sustainable skills', this session is for you. In this session, we will be introduced to the CAVE Sustainable Leadership model. You will learn about topics such as the sustainable skills, the fundamental parameters of performance, internal barriers and enablers of sustainable skills, practices for virtues development and the application of sustainable leadership.



for Executives

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This session is designed for executives who are looking to incorporate sustainable leadership into their organization's strategy. We will explore the role of sustainable leadership in creating long-term value for your organization, and how to build a sustainable organization of sustainable leaders. Join us to explore how to lead your organization towards a sustainable future.

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