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The path to sustainable leadership begins in Youth

We are thrilled to announce the launching of our initiative to collaborate with parents and teachers to spread awareness about sustainable leadership among the next generation of leaders. Sustainability is not just a concept but a way of life, and we believe in acquainting youngsters with its true meaning. Are you a parent or a teacher? Please, know that your contribution is paramount in building a sustainable future for all.

Through our collaboration, we can instil to children and teenagers a sustainable mindset. Together, we can design the appropriate actions to equip our children with the skills to become future sustainable leaders. Our joint efforts will help children and adolescents learn about the Aristotelian virtues and how they can use them to make the world a better sustainable place while living a long, healthy and creative life.

We are dedicated to empowering young people with the skills and perspective they need to become effective and sustainable leaders. Join our community of change-makers today. Contact us at to discuss how we can organize a sustainability event for your youngsters.


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